Japanese cuisine is one of the most delicious, sophisticated and healthiest in the world.

It is an ancient cuisine, rich in fresh produce and provides a balanced diet using fats in its proper place, and with unsurpassed quality, hence our name, "SUMO" which means: Having the highest degree or not It is superior in its kind.

We identify as the best Japanese restaurant, and serve excellence reflected in our dishes, with charisma and good customer service that we all deserve.

SUMO is a family business and an alternative by demand in these foods, offering as attractive as what is popularly known sushi or rolls but also with an extensive menu to satisfy the tastes of our customers.

We stand for being an exclusive Japanese restaurant preparing delicious dishes and gives customers a superior service, in SUMO Japanese Restaurant we have captured the palates of lovers of Japanese food, transforming the finest imported ingredients, national and frescoes the world offers traditional Japanese dishes.

We have achieved the consolidation of our name through work with dedication and effort, love and honesty. Since 2008 we maintain a tradition that is backed by our own customers and has positioned us within the broad market Restaurants Florida as one of the most attractive options at competitive prices.


Reaching first place in the market as the best Japanese restaurant cuisine with excellent service and quality in our products, to achieve the consolidation in the preference of our customers.


Become the best restaurant of our specialty in the country, establish ourselves as the most successful, and also become a very attractive source of labor.


All done with love gives good results.

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